Дэнни Уорсноп выпустит сольный альбом

Дэнни Уорсноп сольный альбом

Бывший вокалист Asking Alexandria Дэнни Уорсноп сообщил о том, что планирует выпустить свой первый сольный альбом. До этого музыкант появился на мартовском релизе группы We Are Harlot.

Не так давно Уорсноп завел аккаунт Instagram для того, чтобы рассказать своим поклонникам о событиях, которые повлияли и вдохновили его на выпуск его сольной пластинки. Вокалист упомянул о проблемах с алкоголем и наркотиками в его прошлом. И, оглядываясь назад, он хочет выпустить альбом, в песнях которого он передаст очень личные переживания.

Уорсноп рассказывает историю своего диска под первыми четырьмя фотографиями, далее под последними двумя постами исполнитель повествует о том, как же он попал в музыку.

For the past six months I have been working in relative secret on something very special, and very close to my heart. With the help of some incredible, and very talented people, I am pleased to announce that in 2016 I will be releasing my first album as a solo artist. It has been an emotional rollercoaster creating these songs, but the end result has left me humbled, proud, and more excited about a project than I ever have been in my life. Writing as deep and personal as I have on this record brought up a lot inside me from my years, allowing me to grow and move on from demons I didn't even acknowledge having. With my dark days behind me, I am beyond ready, and beyond excited for you to follow me on this journey. See you on the other side! -D

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I would like to take you back. Where? The Grafton Hotel in Los Angeles, California. When? The winter of 2013 at around 4am. At that point, in that room, there was a young Danny Worsnop laid on a bed with his heart beating out of his chest, $1000 worth of cocaine running through his veins, and two bottles of whiskey in his stomach, shaking and trying to keep his eyes from rolling back into his skull. That night was, needless to say, terrifying. A couple weeks later, after a good system flushing and some rehabilitation, I'm back at The Grafton. I woke up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat (not an uncommon occurrence at that point of my life), with a melody in my mind. I picked up my guitar, turned on my phone voice recorder, and proceeded to sing a song that spawned a vision to one day create an album that was unlike anything I'd done before. Something so personal and pure that it would break and rebuild me to write. This year I made that album. I hope it moves you, as it did me. See you on the other side! -D

Фото опубликовано D A N N Y . W O R S N O P (@snoptropolis)

When I set out making this record I made two rules; to write songs that were honest and true to who I am, and to ignore every rule and restriction the music business has created. I wrote the record in one week and recorded it live, raw, and real in my producers living room. I funded the entire project myself and oversaw every single aspect of its making. The artwork is by me, the songs were written and performed by me (with a little help from some incredibly talented people around the world), the videos will be both written and directed by me, and the final product will be put together by my hands. I've done everything in my power to keep this album honest and pure, and it gives me chills every time I hear it. I'm beyond proud of what I've made and cannot wait to share it with the world. These songs are a reflection of my soul, and I hope you all enjoy them. See you on the other side! -D

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I'm often asked where my music career began, and it's not something I've much discussed. At around three or four years old I started playing around with things around the house, making beats out of empty boxes, pots and pans, anything I could find. I'd be singing along to anything and everything and itching to do more. At age eight, I bought a cheap violin and started taking lessons, at nine the trumpet followed. Both went well, I've always been something of a natural when it came to music. A year later I was playing in the local orchestra, but still had an itch it wasn't quite scratching. Eventually I took up guitar and bass, and the rock began. I would take my amp into the corridors at school and blast out riffs until "the man" shut it down. I remained completely self taught, collecting my knowledge from playing along to records in my room. I never knew music was going to be my career, my goal was to join the military back in England and become a sniper. This only changed when first band started and the door to America was opened. I had met a girl from Florida and fell head over heels in love, the band gave me the opportunity to get over there and be with her. It was the morning before my flight and all was well. We spoke on the phone and said our "I love you"'s, I left and made my way across the atlantic. By the time I landed it had become too real and her feet got colder with each hour. She moved away and I didn't hear from her until years later. It was a heartbreaking time and it changed me forever. So in answer to the question, this was an accident... It was never my endgame, just one of many roads that was a part of a separate journey. A very fortunate coincidence. Through my years I've had one hell of a ride, and the future looks brighter every day. See you on the other side! -D

Фото опубликовано D A N N Y . W O R S N O P (@snoptropolis)

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