I am so shocked and saddened by this tragedy of yet another amazing artist taking his life. I was just with Chester not even a month ago and I never would've expected this. Please! I'm reaching out to ALL artist across the globe. I don't care what genre you are a part of, rock, pop, urban, country.... PLEASE reach out to any of us if you need help man. Wtf! This is senseless and extremely sad. None of us are perfect, and ALL of us have issues. We all battle very similar addictions and obstacles that are hard for someone who does not live our lifestyle to understand. But we need to interact more and not treat music like a competition. We are all one. All part of a very elite group of individuals who creates art in a way that not everyone can do. And music is a universal language that we all share and communicate thru. We are the voices that heal. Remember that! So please see the value and the magic in what makes you special and unique to us and the world, and why we need you to stay with us. Continue to flourish us with your gifts and songs that we all sing. But PLEASE stop taking your lives. Your families, children and friends all love you. And "we" (your silent friends) love you, need you and are here for you at any time. This has become too frequent in the last 2 years alone. And I don't want to lose any more of these rare gifts. RIP Chester. We love you brother! ?

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Умер Честер Беннингтон

Честер Беннингтон, вокалист американской группы Linkin Park, был найден мертвым в своем доме в Лос-Анджелесе. По предварительным данным он совершил...
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