Legendary Sweden band Amon Amarth has just released a new album Jomsviking. So, just when fans checking it up and preparing their drakkars, we talked to bass player of this awesome band — Ted Lundström.

Rock Cult: Please, tell us about the new album? How do you think, do fans received what they have been waiting for?

Ted: The new album is called Jomsviking. It is a concept album that follows a story about a guy growing up and joining the Jomsvikings becoming a warrior. The fans expected an Amon amarth album, we tried to expand our sound a bit but no one will be dissapointed or confused.

Rock Cult: Tell us about your new video please! In every video you have an epic story, do you have special scenarists for it or writing yourself?

Ted: We come up with most of the ideas ourselves but then we bounce them with the filming company and the vikings we work with just to make the best of the whole thing.

Rock Cult: Which plans for the jomsviking tour? Will you visit Russia?

Ted: We will start touring over in North America as soon as the album is out and then we will go back to Europe to do some festivals. We will try to play everywhere with this album so I am sure we will go back to Russia again but we have no confirmed dates yet. Make sure to check out our homepage or facebook to see the latest news about tourdates.

Rock Cult: Your songs have become more technical and lyrical. It is correct to say that you departed from simpler, yet more aggressive sound of the previous albums?

Ted: I think we have progressed as musician over the years but it is not a goal to become more technical. We just write and play the kind of music we would like to hear ourselfs. Our goal is to have an aggressive sound but still have melodies that feels like the 80’s metal.

Rock Cult: TV show called ”Vikings” is very popular now… do you watch it?

Ted: I have only seen the two first seasons so far but I like it. I like that they try to keep it as authentic as possible.

Rock Cult: Who is your favorite character?

Ted: When it come to my favorite character I think I must say Floki. A little bit crazy but cool character.

Rock Cult: What kind of future do you envision for Amon Amarth in the new age where the image of a Viking is somewhat mainstream?

Ted: Hopefully it will get us more listener when they start looking for more stuff about vikings. We meet alot of people around the world that might have seen ”Vikings” and ”Thor” movies and are really intrested in learnig more.

Rock Cult: And the last one: metal music for you is just music or a lifestyle?

Ted: Metal music is a lifestyle, it is not only about the music. Metal fans all over the world cant be wrong, we are one big family. In times where most music sales goes down the metal scene is still going strong.

Rock Cult: Thank you for the interview, keep on playing metal! Waiting for you in Russia.

Ted: Raise you horns! Cheers!

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