Rockcult: You are playing for about three years. You even made it to Russia! Have you ever thought what you possible have been doing if there was no success for your musical career? What could you be doing now?

Noir Antidote: I’m still a student, I’m currently studying media design and graduating very soon. Then I start a new a study animation / illustration at an art academy. So I’d probably be more focused on art if I wasn’t doing music. But I’m glad I get to do both.

Rockcult: What inspired your album?

NA: Mainly dark things, all stories are fictional but based on the darker side of humanity and life itself.

Rockcult: Which band you would like to open up? Meaning perform before their gig.

NA: Well, I’m already more than happy that I will be opening for Diary of Dreams since they are one of my most favourite bands. I’ve been listening to them since I was 15 years old so that’s about 9 years ago. I’m also a huge IAMX fan so that would be great as well but that’s not something which I will fit in as a support act. But in the industrial scene I have already opened for many bands with my previous project so there’s not much to choose from. But to be fair, I’d be happy to share the stage with any artist. Gazelle Twin would be something I’d be stoked about to do as well.

Rockcult: How do you see evolution of instrumental music today?

NA: It’s great, day by day interesting artists pop up out of nowhere and do something very interesting. Sometimes with a familiar sound or totally something new.

Rockcult: Imagine that you can choose any movie and put your music in it as a soundtrack. Which one you will choose?

NA: Silent Hill.

Rockcult: Who are your favorite musicians?

NA: I have many musicians / artists who I really admire, probably too many to choose from. As early mentioned I like Gazelle Twin, Diary of Dreams & IAMX. But there are just too many to choose from. But if I had to give some more names I’d say; Forss, Comaduster & Keluar.

Rockcult: Where would you like to perform in 2018?

NA: I’d like to go to new places, so anywhere is fine. But if I really had to choose I’d play in England, Wave Gotik Treffen or Maschinenfest. But let’s stay realistic.

Rockcult: Name one band from Netherland which the world doesn’t know about, but it must break on through?

NA: None. Yes, I know. It sounds kind of harsh but I’m getting a bit detached from the Dutch industrial scene, no new bands have appeared and the bands that exists have not much more to offer than any other bands around Europe. I’m waiting for that refreshing sound but so far the Dutch scene hasn’t shown any of it. Sorry Dutch colleagues, nothing personal.

Rockcult: Can you recall myths you heard about Russia and what do you think of those myths?

NA: Gopnik hardbass. Is it really that popular? or is it just something what everyone else on the internet likes to hype up?

Rockcult: What thing you can’t exclude from your every road trip?

NA: Music. I need to listen to music or else I get very annoyed.

Rockcult: Which places you’d like to visit during staying in Moscow?

NA: I’m definitely going to be the cliché tourist and see the red square. But I haven’t done any further research on what I want to see, but I’d probably go to some art museums.

Noire Antidote: «Простите, нидерландские коллеги, ничего личного»

В начале февраля в России (2.02 — Екатеринбург, 3.02 — Москва и 4.02 — Питер) выступят Diary of Dreams, разогревать...
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