Rockcult: I read in one interview that you’re working on your third album and you’re planning to release it this year. In what stage of completion do you have this release?

Volkan Caner: We are at the stage of completing compositions and recording guitars and vocals. We are hoping to release the album by the end of this year.

Rockcult: Are you planning to play live anything new recorded after Narin Yalnızlık?

Doruk Ozturkcan: Unfortunately not for the shows in Russia. We still need to decide the final state of the songs.

Rockcult: The last time you played in Russia was 2,5 years ago. Did you like how Russian listeners reacted on your music?

Doruk: Reaction was great, we enjoyed the shows a lot.

Rockcult: Did you have time to see sightseeing attractions then?

Doruk: Unfortunately not much. We always have little time on tours. We could only see the Red Square and surroundings.

Rockcult: On your second album Narin Yalnızlık you didn’t change the intended course, but you have deepened and extended some edges that you reflected on Belirdi Gece. And both albums sound monolithic and harmoniously. In what direction do you move on the next album: are you planning to change something radically in your sound?

Doruk: Your analysis is right with the comparison of the albums. We are what we are so don’t expect anything very different. Yet I have a feeling that there will be a touch more Wave influence for the new album.

Rockcult: How much time did you spend on the making of Belirdi Gece and Narin Yalnızlık?

Volkan: Compositions of the songs in Belirdi Gece date back to 2006 actually. The production stage is about 6 months for both albums. During the production we record, mix and finalize arrangements.

Rockcult: Did you ever want to make collaboration with some band or artist?

Volkan: Yes, we made a song with Selofan, which went on the Monosynth Compilation from Fabrika Records. Ash Code made a remix of our song Katarsis and we remixed the song Babes of the Eighties by Lebanon Hanover.

Rockcult: Are you familiar with Russian art? Have you heard any Russian musicians?

Volkan: There’s so much art from Russia that we know. Cinema, literature, classical music which are world famous. Bands that we like in New wave and post-punk are Kino, Ploho and Kofe.

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Rockcult: How do you create the songs? Does everything start from the lyrics or the music come first?

Volkan: Usually music comes first and sometimes they go together.

Rockcult: What’s your favorite thing in the studio process and in live concerts? And what do you like more – work in the studio or play live?

Doruk: There are enjoyable sides to both. In studio we enjoy the creativity and in concerts we enjoy the sharing.

Rockcult: Your music is very imaginative, and sometimes, listening to it, I think that you are inspired by other art forms creating the songs. For example, cinematography. Is it really?

Doruk: SPA music is very cinematic, we are aware of that. We receive feedback from people who are painters, designers, fashion designers. They say SPA music is what they put on to get into a mood and helps their creativity.

Rockcult: What equipment do you use making albums? How much is it change since the time of Belirdi Gece?

Doruk: Nothing special really, we have the software and equipment that everybody has and almost nothing changed so far.

Rockcult: Can you name some albums that impress and inspire you?

Volkan: The answer to this question is ever changing. Like everyone else we are always looking for new music and inspiration. Here’s what I listen for the last few months:
Brian Eno and David Byrne — My Life in the Bush of Ghost
Autopsy — Mental Funeral
Cabaret Voltaire — The Crackdown
Coil — The Ape of Naples
Mecano — Mecano