Tourist – Run

Right, get up. Stretch. Look wistfully into the distance. But then smile. And start running. Let the hypnotic vocals of this track guide you forward. I’m starting with this track not only because it is called ‘Run’ but it has some of the most beautiful chords and synths in – they will escort you on your escape. I feel like this song is a breath of fresh air in itself. It rejuvenates me, I hope it does you too.

Bombay Bicycle Club – I Can Hardly Speak

Bombay are one of my favourite bands to listen to in order to feel good and relaxed. There is such a sense of optimism and warmth in their music but never do they even get close to being cliché or saccharine like a lot of less thoughtful pop. The refrain “and I can’t even talk, I’m floating in a dream” is the perfect lyric when you can’t seem to face your problems or communicate them and you just need escapism in order to build strength.

Bad Rabbits – Mimi

I love running to funk. It’s such a feel good genre and is just the perfect soundtrack to jog to. Bad Rabbits are good friends and have been such an inspiration to us. Let Dua’s incredible vocals draw you away from your problems. I hope you come away feeling refreshed.

1991 – Dun Kno

This is just a total rager of a track, pure and simple. This one is guaranteed to have you increasing your pace.

Fatima Yamaha – What’s a Girl to Do

This is one of those tracks that you can just zone out to and get totally lost in. It has one of the cheekiest synth lines I’ve ever heard. It finally comes in at 1:46 after a long drawn out intro. It makes me feel like pondering, thinking things over, the whole track has a real sense of deliberation to it. And running is always a good time to get some clarity on your thoughts.

Henrik Høven – Weekend

This is a dreamy number, perfect for a nice summer’s evening run in the park. Proud to have written this song with Henrik and some other friends and it reminds me what a great escape music can be. It can help us address our problems and be a great form of catharsis.

Cory Wong – Starks and Ewing

Everything’s gonna be ok! Just keep on running! that’s what this funky little minx of a song says to me. Enjoy Cory’s brilliantly glassy and glossy guitar work and float along to the upbeat funky breakbeats. This is probably one of the most feel good tunes I’ve ever heard.

Tchaikovsky – 1812 Overture

The first classical piece I absolutely fell in love with. So many incredible melodies and themes, such an emotional journey. And if the ferocious explosions of the cannons towards the end of the piece don’t get you moving your ass, I don’t know what will!

The Spencer Davis Group – Keep on Running

You’re doing great! If you’re starting to tire, hopefully this sprightly little retro number will keep you trudging forward. I remember hearing this at a very young age and went on to love Steve Winwood (this being his band before going solo). It takes me back to routing through my dad’s vinyl collection and being happy and carefree.

Gorilla Biscuits – Start Today

Right, you’ve been running away from all your problems for 9 songs now… it’s time to face them. And there’s no band better than Gorilla Biscuits to give you the energy to plow forward. This whole album is an incredible burst of speed and strength. They’re probably my favourite hardcore band of all time.
“For the first time in my life,
It won’t pass me by,
Procrastinate, it can wait,
I put it off… Let’s start today, let’s start today”