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Nothing is True and Everything is Possible

Enter Shikari

Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible - шестой альбом Enter Shikari, выпущенный 17 апреля 2020 года.


  1. The Great Unknown
  2. Crossing The Rubicon
  3. { The Dreamers Hotel }
  4. Waltzing off the Face of the Earth (I. Crescendo)
  5. Modern Living…
  6. Apocoholics Anonymous (main theme in B minor)
  7. The Pressure’s On
  8. Reprise 3
  9. T.I.N.A
  10. Elegy For Extinction
  11. Marionettes (I. The Discovery of Strings)
  12. Marionettes (II. The Ascent)
  13. Satellites
  14. The King
  15. Waltzing Off The Face Of The Earth (II. Piangevole)
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