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Lord of the Lost

Седьмой студийный альбом Lord of the Lost - Judas


  1. Priest
  2. For They Know Not What They Do
  3. Your Star Has Led You Astray
  4. Born with a Broken Heart
  5. The 13th
  6. In the Field of Blood
  7. 2000 Years a Pyre
  8. Death Is Just a Kiss Away
  9. The Heart Is a Traitor
  10. Euphoria
  11. Be Still and Know
  12. The Death of All Colours
  13. The Gospel of Judas
  14. Viva Vendetta
  15. Argent
  16. The Heartbeat of the Devil
  17. And it Was Night
  18. My Constellation
  19. The Ashes of Flowers
  20. Iskarioth
  21. A War Within
  22. A World where We Belong
  23. Apokatastasis
  24. Work of Salvation