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Nighthawks At the Diner

Tom Waits

Первый концертный альбом автора-исполнителя Тома Уэйтса, изданный в 1975 году.


  1. Opening Intro
  2. Emotional Weather Report
  3. Intro to „On a Foggy Night”
  4. On a Foggy Night
  5. Intro to „Eggs and Sausage”
  6. Eggs and Sausage (In a Cadillac with Susan Michelson)
  7. Intro to „Better Off Without a Wife”
  8. Better Off Without a Wife
  9. Nighthawk Postcards (From Easy Street)
  10. Intro to „Warm Beer and Cold Women”
  11. Warm Beer and Cold Women
  12. Intro to „Putnam County”
  13. Putnam County
  14. Spare Parts I (A Nocturnal Emission)
  15. Spare Parts I (A Nocturnal Emission)
  16. Intro to „Big Joe and Phantom 309”
  17. Big Joe and Phantom 309
  18. Spare Parts II and Closing
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